UR Factory Replica Omega Seamaster Commander 007 with Miyota 8205 Movement Nato Commander Strap

When we discuss the 007 series movies, watch enthusiasts will know that James Bond has consistently worn an Omega watch in every film from 1995 to 2018. Today, I am excited to introduce a replica Omega Seamaster Commander limited edition model. The original watch was released on July 5th, 2017, to celebrate the anniversary of the James Bond 007 film series.

This replica, produced by the UR factory, is the best version currently available, having addressed all previous defects. It features a clone Cal. 2507 automatic movement and accurate case back engravings, with each watch displaying an individual limited number.

There are two significant differences between this replica Omega and the genuine watch. Firstly, the helium valve button on the replica is non-functional. Therefore, if you plan on undertaking extensive diving operations or oil exploration, I recommend purchasing the authentic watch. Secondly, due to cost and technological constraints, the replica does not use the same co-axial movement as the original. However, the factory has made efforts to ensure that the clone 2507 movement closely resembles the genuine caliber in appearance.

These differences are minor, as we are looking for a replica that closely mirrors the genuine watch in appearance. Overall, the finish of this watch is a 1:1 replica of the original Swiss model. The 007 Commander boasts a fresh and vibrant color scheme, with red, white, and blue paying homage to the British Royal Navy, adding a touch of dignity to the watch.

Regarding the lume on the dial, UR factory has used imported Japanese non-radioactive luminous material. When applied to the hour markers and hands, the brightness and color are very close to those of the genuine watch. Many replicas on the market use cheap luminous materials, resulting in incorrect lume light.

The new case back design differs from previous Seamaster 300M diver’s watches. It features “Commander’s Watch” engravings on the case back rim, and the wave-shaped edge makes it easier to open and screw the case back.

In addition to the military NATO strap, UR factory also provides a stainless steel bracelet at no extra cost. In summary, this replica watch boasts an impressive color design. If you are young and passionate, this watch is definitely worth considering.

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