Replica Omega Seamaster GMT WorldTimer Green Ceramic Watch

Before introducing this replica watch, I want to share two pieces of good news from Clean and VS factories. Firstly, Clean has improved the bezel on their GMT-Master II Pepsi 126710. The previous edition featured a very bright red and blue ceramic bezel. This has now been darkened to more closely match the genuine watch, resulting in the new V2 edition of the GMT-Master II Pepsi. However, this change has not yet been applied to the blue ceramic bezels on the Batman and Batgirl models.

In the first picture, you can see the improved Rolex GMT Pepsi from Clean. The left watch in the video shows the new V2 Pepsi GMT, while the right one still has the old bezel, allowing you to notice the slight color difference.

The second piece of good news is that VS factory has enhanced their 42mm YachtMaster 226659 by increasing its weight. The replica now weighs 137.4 grams, as demonstrated in the video below.

The Seamaster GMT Worldtimer from VS factory is a highly popular replica Omega watch. The blue model released in 2020 remains a best-seller. Recently, VS introduced another WorldTimer Seamaster replica with a green dial and green ceramic bezel. The case and bracelet of this super clone are excellently finished, and it houses the independently developed super clone 8938 movement. This movement ensures reliability, making VS’s replicas of the Seamaster 150m series the best available, largely free from movement issues. The Seamaster GMT Worldtimer by VS stands out among various market replicas due to its superior movement. On the VS version, pulling the crown to the second position allows you to adjust the central 24-hour GMT circle along with the time, setting the second time zone corresponding to a city name on the dial’s outer edge. In the first crown position, the hour hand can be adjusted independently to set the time difference and date. Other factory versions lack this independent hour hand adjustment feature. Additionally, the back of the VS replica has corrected engraving colors on the lugs and first bracelet link, no longer as black as before. Currently, VS factory does not offer extra bands for this watch.

Moreover, the attention to detail in the VS factory‘s replica watches continues to impress. Their enhancements not only improve the visual accuracy but also enhance the functional authenticity, providing a closer experience to wearing the original. These advancements reinforce VS factory’s reputation for producing high-quality replica watches that stand out in the market.

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