Top Ten Best-selling Omega Replica Watches in 2020

I believe Omega holds the position of the second-best-selling brand in our watch market, trailing only behind Rolex. This is primarily due to the widespread popularity of its Seamaster diver’s watches. In 2020, various watch factories introduced classic Omega replica watches, with a significant portion originating from the VS factory. Today, I aim to present the top ten best-selling Omega replica watches, hoping this information proves valuable to those seeking high-quality replica Omega timepieces.

  1. VSF Seamaster Diver 300m BlackLaunched in May 2019, this replica watches has been the best seller for the past two years. Crafted by the VS factory, the latest version, V2, has been introduced. The watch features a stainless steel case with a 42mm diameter and a slim 13mm thickness. It is presented with a stainless steel bracelet, and there is also an option for a black rubber strap. The crystal back provides a glimpse of the intricate machinery, housing a clone 8800 movement with meticulously decorated plates and an automatic rotor. While OM factory also produces this model, VS has maintained its pricing amidst the competition from OM.
  2. ¬†VSF Planet Ocean 43.5mm BlueWhile I may question its high placement on this list, it’s undeniable that this Omega replica deserves a spot in the top ten. Hailing from the VS factory, it boasts the same quality craftsmanship found in other timepieces from VS. Despite the OM factory also producing numerous Omega Planet Ocean replicas, often mirroring models crafted by VS, it falls short in competition. In response, OM has opted to reduce its prices, influencing my recommendation against choosing OM when clients express interest in Omega Planet Ocean watches.

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