VS Factory Replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Nekton with Clone 8806 Movement

Allow me to present this particular timepiece. It is a special edition created by Omega in collaboration with the Nekton Foundation. Although I am unfamiliar with the organization, the watch itself is truly noteworthy. This timepiece offers two band options: a stainless steel bracelet and a black rubber strap. Crafted by the VS factory, upon my initial inspection, the bezel caught my attention. It distinguishes itself from the regular Omega Seamaster with a design reminiscent of the Rolex YachtMaster bezel, particularly in the polished markers adorning it. Notably, the seconds hand adopts the red hand design seen on certain YachtMaster models.

The 1:1 Replica Omega Seamaster Nekton retains iconic features such as sword-shaped hour and minute hands with a skeleton stem. The wavy textures on the dial, a characteristic found in many popular Seamaster watches of recent years, further enhance its appeal. With a 42mm case diameter and a slim 13.5mm thickness, this watch prioritizes maximum wearing comfort.

The case back of this watch is solid, and it’s regrettable that the exquisite movement remains hidden within. The back features a captivating sculpture depicting a Nekton boat sailing on the ocean. Opening the case back with a specialized tool reveals a stunning movement with an automatic rotor and meticulously decorated plates. The Omega Logo and the engravings “OMEGA MASTER CO-AXIAL 8806” are precisely etched in the correct depth and tone.

The quality of the Omega Seamaster replica watch from the VS factory is commendable, with no reported complaints from clients. The watches exhibit excellent stability and lack any movement issues. Additionally, the attention to detail on both the case and dial is highly refined.

Finally, let’s touch on some unrelated matters regarding our watch factories and the Chinese New Year holiday. Currently, most watch factories have ceased operations and employees have returned to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese New Year. According to my information, they are not expected to resume work until March 1st. This explains the temporary unavailability of some watch models from our inventory. However, popular models like the Noob Submariner, VS Submariner, ZF Portuguese, and VS Seamaster are still accessible.

The early start of the holiday this time may be attributed to certain watch factories facing challenges. There have been reports of secret department raids on factories, resulting in substantial fines. For instance, in the current month, ZF, VS, and V6 factories were reportedly subjected to such raids, prompting them to halt the release of new stocks and go on holiday. As the Chinese New Year draws near, these factories approach the period cautiously, as any oversight might attract attention from secret departments and lead to further complications.

Dear friends, I’d like to advise you to act swiftly if you plan to purchase any watches before our upcoming holiday, which is in approximately 10 days. While there are still some popular models available in the market, they may sell out within the next three days or a week. After that point, no watches will be available for purchase until we resume work on March 1st. Additionally, please be aware that shipping companies will also be on holiday soon, so timely action is recommended to ensure your orders can be processed and shipped before the holiday break.

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