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swiss grade

The Truths about Grade 2 Japan-Made Rolex Replicas and Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex Replicas

Today there is a lot of confusion for customers because of all the dealers who are on the Internet selling all types of Rolex replicas. But what is the real truth between these different types of Rolex replicas? Which quality is really the best, and who’s lying, and who’s not?

The truth is, most dealers are lying, at least to some extent.

There are dealers selling Japan-made Rolex replicas which are supposedly ‘water-resistant to 100m’. Or Swiss-made Rolex replicas which are much cheaper than the sites that sell genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas, but you can get them cheaper because the 2-tone models are single plated gold instead of 18k solid gold wrapped. Or, $200 Japan-made Rolex replicas which supposedly look, feel, and weigh 99.9% identical to the $10,000 real thing with 2.5x date magnification, just like a real Rolex. As we say, all dealers lie at least a bit, but these ones lie more than others.

We hope this article can shed some light on the truths of the best quality of Japan-made Rolex Replicas available in the market and the genuine Swiss-made Rolex Replicas available in the market. We will also help you sort out the differences between the cheaters and the ones whom you’re most likely to be able to purchase and receive an exact quality Rolex replica, since that is all we are really searching for. After all, nothing is more embarrassing than wearing a fake Rolex to a Christmas party and hearing your Uncle Bob say, “Hey I’ve seen these at Chinatown for $50!”

Grade 1 Japan-made Rolex Replicas
Let us first start with Japan-made Rolex replicas. As our other articles already tell you, there are many different qualities of Rolex replicas with automatic movements, but they are all either made somewhere in Asia, or in Japan? Here is the truth on the Japan-made Rolex replicas: no replicas are ever completely produced in Japan.

Produced in Asia, with Japanese Movements Japan-made Rolex replicas are simply very high quality Rolex replicas produced also in Asia, but with much higher quality standards and a genuine Japan-made Miyota 21-jewel automatic movement.

They are still produced in Asia, just like 99% of other replica products in the world, but they are created with much higher quality and have a genuine Japan-made automatic movement installed.

21-jewel Japan-made Miyota Automatic Movements!!
There are many claims of Japan-made Rolex replicas which supposedly have different details or different quality, or better movements. There are many claims of 23-, 25-, 27-, and even 31-jewel Japan-made automatic movements, but none of it is true.

They are all installed with only 21-jewel automatic movements manufactured by Miyota.

Everything else is just a lie to fool you into thinking you are purchasing better quality products or getting more value for the same price.

But don’t be fooled. It is all 21-jewel automatic movements, and there is no 25-jewel, 27-jewel, or 31-jewel cheap Japan automatic movements. Beware of poor dealers. They are usually easy to spot because they usually lie about several things instead of just one or two. The Miyota automatic movements have sweeping second hands, and a hacking signal. A hacking signal refers to how the sweeping second hand stops sweeping when you pull out the crown of the watch (to set the time or change the date). There is also a hacking signal on a genuine Rolex watch, so this is a great feature to have on any automatic movement Rolex replica. They are quite reliable and don’t require much maintenance. The usual lifespan can be anywhere from 2-4 years, although there are obviously some which lasts less than 2 years, and some which lasts more than 4 years. It depends on the use of the watch and the servicing of the movement.

Mineral Crystal, NOT Sapphire Crystal
Japan-made Rolex replicas only have mineral crystals, and no Japan-made Rolex replicas have a genuine sapphire crystal! There are many, many claims by dealers who say they have a sapphire crystal (because they know 99% of customers can’t prove them false), but we will tell you clearly that when you purchase a Japan-made Rolex replica, you won’t be getting a sapphire crystal.

So what if a dealer promises you a sapphire crystal? How are you going to detect it anyways? Will you bash on the glass face of your watch with a hammer and look for a scratch? You probably won’t. And the dealer knows that too.

5-10 Micron 14-18k Gold Plating
Some sites claim thick gold plating or gold-wrap, but that is all a lie. They have 5-10 microns of 14-18k gold plating.

Some sites claim gold-filled, gold-wrapped, or other types of thick gold plating, but none of it is true.

There is only 18k gold plating on 2-tone models and 14k gold plating on all-gold models for the Japan-made replicas.

Think carefully: if the gold models have so much gold plating on them, how come they are only slightly more expensive than stainless steel models?

Most dealers know how to lie, but very few of them are smart enough to follow it with logical pricing. Catch on to this before they do. There is big dispute over how long the gold will last.

Some say 1 year, some say 10 years, and some say forever if you take care of it properly. Realistically, from real customer experiences, this gold can last anywhere from 1 month to several months. Why as short as a month? Because once any gold starts to wear off, the watch is absolutely unusable. So it might take 10 years for all of the gold to wear off, but if even the slightest bit of gold starts to fade and it can be detected by the human eye, then you will never wear that watch in public. Anyone and everyone who sees any gold fading off a ‘Rolex watch’ will know it is a fake.

Almost all Japan replicas will begin to fade on the inside of the watch within 1-2 months you begin to wear the watch. There are some myths about clear nail polish or washing it with soap, but the gold plating will fade and that is reality. The myths may protect the watch very slightly if it really works, but you can’t change the fact that single plated gold will fade, and most of the watches really are not treated as nicely and as properly as genuine Swiss-made watches. After all, they are only made in Asia.

The Truth About Grade 1 Rolex Replicas
Once the gold begins to wear on the inside of the watch, you can’t take it off to show people because anyone who sees gold wearing off can tell it is a fake. So what is the real disadvantage of having a gold-plated watch? No matter how good the movement of the watch is or how long the movement will last, or how perfect the engravings are… if even the slightest bit of gold begins to wear off on the band, people can immediately tell it is a fake. If they see you wear a fake Rolex even once, your reputation will be ruined forever. Exposing someone’s fake Rolex is a good story to tell many people for years to come.

Similar Feel and Weight
Japan-made Rolex replicas have a very similar weight and feel compared to a real Rolex. The difference between a Japanese replica and a genuine Rolex is in how the watch is made, and the type of stainless steel used. Japan-made Rolex replicas use an industrial quality stainless steel which is not as good as the genuine Rolex or Swiss-made Rolex replica 904L steel, and the cases are manufactured by pouring the stainless steel into a cast (as with all mass-produced products in China). The result is a feel that is not as solid as a genuine Rolex watch or a genuine Swiss-made replica, which is manufactured using only the highest quality stainless steel and using a forged process (where the watch case is compressed from one big chunk of stainless steel).

The result is a replica which weighs similar, but lighter than the real thing, and just does not ‘feel’ as solid as the real thing.

However, the difference is very negligible for stainless steel models. Very few people can detect good quality stainless steel and poor quality stainless steel from just touching the watch, even if they have a real Rolex watch to compare. Gold models usually have a much greater difference, and if you hold a Japan-made Rolex replica beside a genuine Swiss-made Rolex replica or a genuine Rolex watch, you can definitely tell the difference.

But you can’t ever compare the weight of a gold-plated watch to the weight of a solid gold watch. A solid-gold watch is definitely much heavier. What you can expect to receive is a replica which feels and weighs very good, but don’t expect it to feel and weigh exactly like a real Rolex. There is no way you can make a gold-plated watch feel and weigh exactly the same as a solid gold watch, and there is no way you can make lower quality cast-filled stainless steel feel and weigh exactly the same as high quality stainless steel manufactured using a forging process.

Very Similar Engravings and Markings
Many Japan-made Rolex replica dealers claim ‘exact’ engravings and markings which are 100% identical to a real Rolex. Of course this can’t be true for a watch of this price, but the engravings and markings are definitely similar enough to fool the average Joe and someone who doesn’t see a real Rolex very often.

You can wear it casually and I doubt many people will ever be able to tell the difference, but if you hang out with elites who see real Rolexes all the time, someone will be able to tell the difference sooner or later.

A common debate is the markings between the lugs, which usually exist only on genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas and genuine Rolex watches. Some fraudulent dealers have been trying to hand-engrave the markings between the lugs (where the watch case meets the band) and then trying to sell the watch as a ‘higher quality replica’ for a higher price, but this usually results in an even lower quality replica. The hand-engraved markings are very sloppy and look like they aren’t done properly, but this can also mean that you can’t judge a replica just by the markings between the lugs.

1.5x-2x Date Magnification
Many scam dealers are saying their Japan-made Rolex replicas have a 2.5x date magnification (the number of times the date is magnified on the crystal of the watch), but the truth is, only genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas and a genuine Rolex watch have true 2.5x date magnification.

Japan-made Rolex replicas have 1.5x-2x date magnification, depending on where in Asia the replica is made and which dealer you purchased it from. Don’t believe dealers who claim they have 2.5x date magnification because it is just not true.

Correct Date Fonts
Newer Japan-made Rolex replicas now have a date font which is very similar to a Rolex date font, and very few people will ever be able to tell the difference. Many customers of Japan-made Rolex replicas in previous years will notice that those replicas are not exact to the real thing, but the date fonts on the newer models are so similar now that very few people will be able to tell the difference just by the date font alone.

Water-Resistant to rain
Many Japan-made Rolex replica dealers claim their replicas are water-resistant to 5m, 10m, 50m, 100m, 150m, 300m, or more.

But the truth is, they are all lies. They are only resistant to you wearing it on rain for a few minutes or so. Dealers make all kinds of crazy claims to raise the prices of their replicas or to try to sell you a watch. Don’t believe any of it. Try doing this experiment, if you do not believe us: put your Japan-made Rolex replica at the bottom of glass filled with water. Surely, any replica which is supposed to be water-resistant to 5m, 10m, 50m, 100m or more should be able to withstand being in a glass of water, right?

We just hope the gold hasn’t completely faded and the poorer quality stainless steel doesn’t start to rust after the 1 week is up.

Large, Threaded Screws
Some Japan-made Rolex replicas now have large, threaded screws in the bands. This is a great feature because genuine Rolex watches have large, threaded screws in the bands as well. The screws are also one way that some inexperienced Rolex collectors try to tell the difference between a genuine Rolex and a fake Rolex. Fake Rolex watches in the past only had pins on the bands and not screws.

Diver’s Extension
Many Japan-made Rolex replicas have a diver’s extension on some of their sport models now. The diver’s extension (also known as a wet-suit extension) is similar to an extra clasp in the Submariner models. Some of the diver’s extensions are even engraved (just like the real thing), and some of them are not. In past years, only Swiss-made Rolex replicas and genuine Rolex watches had the diver’s extension, but newer Japan-made Rolex replicas have been manufactured with a diver’s extension now and that is another great addition which makes the replicas look more similar to the real thing!

3-6 Month Warranty
All replica dealers on the Internet will offer you a warranty period only as long as the warranty they receive from their wholesalers.

There isn’t anyone who can really repair Japan-made Rolex Replicas. Whenever problems appear, their wholesale cost is relatively low ($150 each), and the wholesalers usually just gives you a new one. Any dealers offering you a long, extended warranty that sounds too hard to believe (such as 9 months to 1 year) will disappear within a few months. It is easy to sell a replica with such a long warranty… because they aren’t planning to honor it. Usually they will ship out even lower quality Rolex replicas because they have no intentions of doing business for the long run.

Japan-made Rolex replicas are good replicas for their price (which should be $200-$300). You can’t find a better replica for that price, and you can compare the quality of these watches with any watch you purchase elsewhere for $100. But their wholesale cost is really only around $150 each, so you can’t expect the world for that price. Even if they do not look 100% exact to a real Rolex watch, how can you possibly expect a $150 wholesale replica to look exactly the same as a $10,000 Rolex, even if the Rolex is way overpriced?

Picky customers who only expect exact and perfect replicas for $300 are usually the ones who end up getting ripped off and scammed. They do not listen to logic, and allow their emotions to motivate them to make a dumb purchase. When these emotional buyers see a $300 replica which has “18k wrapped gold”, ’27-jewel ETA movements’, ‘sapphire crystal’, ‘1 year warranty’ amongst other things, they usually ask themselves, “Why buy a Swiss-made replica for $1300 when I can get a $300 replica which has almost the same features?” Instead, they should be asking themselves, “How can I possibly receive all those features for that ridiculously low price?” These emotional buyers usually get ripped off very badly and spend a great deal of time trying to get their money back, only to hear nothing in return from the dealer once the money has been collected. Use your head. Learn the facts. Don’t be fooled by false advertising, which is persistent all across the Internet.

You can’t get perfection for $300, but you can get a very good replica that will fool the average Joe.

Grade 1 Swiss-made Rolex Replicas
Many customers are confused by the different ‘grades’ of Swiss-made Rolex replicas. But the truth is, the different grades of quality result from the few people who swap parts into the replicas. Sometimes they use a generic Swiss-made automatic movement instead of a genuine Swiss Rolex clone or ETA automatic movement. Or, sometimes, they swap the bands and use poorer quality gold-plating instead of 18k solid gold wrapped bands.

Nevertheless, we are only referring to genuine, top quality, Swiss-made Rolex replicas in this article, with no parts neither swapped nor removed. You can see our list of Site Reviews and Ratings for websites which are known to swap parts. Some of these dealers make up all kinds of crazy names like ‘Grade 1 A’, ‘Grade AAA’, or other crazy grades like they are selling meat at the grocery store. Usually the ones who have all kinds of weird or over-the-top names are most likely scams which definitely ships out lower quality replicas.

They over-market their products to rip customers off, and somehow, their ‘higher quality replicas’ are much lower in prices (usually several hundred dollars) than their counterparts who have much lower quality (supposedly). These types of dealers cannot be trusted.

25- or 27-jewel ETA Automatic Movement
Genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas use either a 25-jewel or a 27-jewel or a 31-jewel Rolex clone automatic movement based on a Swiss ETA, manufactured by ETA, the world’s largest Swiss automatic movement manufacturer. They are genuine, Swiss-made quality, and are used in many genuine luxury brand watches. The automatic movements have a hacking signal (discussed above), as well as a sweeping second hand that is much smoother than a Japanese movement, and are almost identical to a genuine Rolex movement. Some dealers claim 31-jewel ETA automatic movements on Japan-made replicas(which only exist in Daytona replicas), but they are obviously just lying and trying to motivate you to purchase from them.

Don’t listen to the trash about some Titonic movements or some special types of Kinetic movements. We have seen several scam dealers make up weird names for their movements. It is either they are Swiss Rolex clone based on ETA or Swiss ETA, or they are not. If you start hearing weird things that you haven’t heard of on Replicareviews, they’re most likely scams trying to push you into buying something you will regret later.

Sapphire Crystal
Only genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas have a genuine sapphire crystal, exactly like a real Rolex watch. They are very scratch-resistant and feel much better than a mineral crystal found in other replicas.

18k Solid Gold wrap and Single Plated Gold
There is much debate about the different types of gold used on different Rolex replicas, but we can end the confusion for you here. Genuine, Swiss-made Rolex replicas use only solid 18k gold wrap for all 2-tone models and all-gold models. No other replicas use any 18k solid gold wrapped gold. Do not be fooled nor confused by dealers who claim their $200, $400, or even $600 replicas have 18k gold wrap. If it is not a genuine Swiss-made Rolex replica, then don’t be fooled by cheap prices.

Any cheaper replica only uses gold plating, regardless of what the dealer says. The 904L steel and solid gold wrap will result in the replicas weighing exactly like the real thing.

Of course, you will have many dealers selling replicas which do not have real solid gold wrap. There will always be dealers who will be selling lower quality replicas for higher prices.

The easiest way to spot them is their hard-to-believe lower prices ($600 for a solid gold wrapped watch?), or poor pictures and details, or their extravagant claims Grade 1 A+++ Swiss replicas? Are we selling meat at the produce?

1-Piece Forged Case Construction
All genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas are constructed from the highest quality 904L solid stainless steel, using a forged process.

This is similar to one big chunk of stainless steel compressed into the shape of a case. The forged process makes the cases much more durable and resistant to the high pressures under water.

A genuine Rolex watch is constructed in very much the same way.

300m Water Resistance
As far as the real specifications of these replicas go, they are water-resistant up to 30m. No one in our staff has taken them past 300m (1000 feet), so they have been tested by us for up to 3000m. The entire watch is constructed to be pressure-proof to 1000 feet, however, and we don’t see anything in the watch that tells us anything different.

Swiss-made Rolex replicas have all the correct pressure seals at the proper locations, a genuine sapphire crystal, and the case of the watch is constructed using a forged process. This will help you eliminate the probability of a Japan-made Rolex replica being water proof to 30m, 50m, 100m or more.

Many Japan-made Rolex replica dealers have ridiculous claims, but the truth is, the construction of Japan-made Rolex replicas is not nearly as good as the Swiss-made Rolex replicas, so for deep-sea diving situations, we highly recommend you don’t wear a Japan-made Rolex replica in the water.

Genuine Superluminova Blue Luminox Hour Markers
Swiss-made Rolex replicas have real Superluminova Blue Luminox hour markers which glow very, very brightly in the dark.

They are very large and rounded, exactly like the real thing. None of the Japan-made Rolex replicas ever carry these high quality hour markers, so don’t believe Japan-made Rolex replica dealers which claim they do.

Shock-Resistant Movement Holder
Newer genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas come with a shock-resistant movement holder. These holders act as ‘suspension systems’ inside the case of the watch, and will prevent the movement from incurring damage if you accidentally drop the watch or bump it against something.

Here are other features found only in genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas. We will just state them here and not discuss them in detail:

100% Correct Date Fonts

Large Threaded Screws on Bands

Diver’s Extensions on Submariner models

Real 2.5x Date Magnification

Rolex Clone Swiss made Movement

Laser Machine-Perfected Engravings Between Lugs

The genuine Swiss-made Rolex replicas really are the best replicas you can buy for the money and no one will be able to tell the difference. There’s no definite proof that the whole watch or the parts are made in Switzerland, but the quality is really there. The automatic movements are definitely 100% Swiss-made ETA or ETA based movements, however, and they rival the movements in a real Rolex watch.

We have to say that many dealers try to take advantage of customers and make false claims, such as 37-jewel movements, or other crazy things. Then there are the scam dealers who take advantage of the fact that Swiss replicas are indistinguishable from the real thing, and they sell cheaper Japan-made Rolex replicas for high prices, and market them as Swiss replicas.

As a matter of fact, the most common scam right now are sealers who offer Swiss replicas for $500-$700 to lure customers into handing over the money, and then shipping out $200 Japan-made Rolex replicas or nothing at all.

Just pay attention to the details and the truths we have laid out, and make a careful purchase.

When in doubt, pay by credit card to guarantee you will not hand over a dime until you’ve received your watch. The ideal price range for a genuine Swiss-made Rolex replica is $1000-$1500 depending the model, and you can’t expect to get anything better for less. It’s impossible for a solid gold wrapped, 2-tone or all-gold watch that can be sold with a genuine Swiss-made movement and Swiss-made quality for under $900.

Remember that anyone who says they are offering solid gold wrapped replicas for $700, or simple gold plated gold 2-tone replicas instead of solid gold wrapped for $600 are trying to get you to hand over your money. Don’t be fooled!!

You can always purchase a $200 Japan-made Rolex replica instead if budget is your biggest concern, but don’t be ripped off for $600-$700!

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