OR Factory Replica Omega Seamaster 300m Green Ceramic Watch

Let’s shift gears from discussing this watch because it’s not part of VS factory’s lineup. Interestingly, VS has crafted numerous 1:1 replica watches of the Seamaster 300m Diver, but curiously, this particular model isn’t among them. It’s a missed opportunity, perhaps stemming from previous setbacks. Currently, VS seems to be channeling its efforts into producing super clone Rolex timepieces, notably focusing on models like the Submariner and Datejust.

Following the recent raid, several watch factories, including VS, were temporarily closed. However, VS has now resumed operations. Prior to the raid, Omega Seamaster watches were among VS’s flagship products, with the Seamaster 300m Diver ranking as one of their best-selling replica timepieces. In fact, in the realm of aaa replica Omega Seamaster watches, VS maintained a dominant position, outpacing competitors in sales. However, it’s worth noting that VS has not introduced new Omega Seamaster or Panerai replica watches for quite some time.

The green ceramic Seamaster 300m Diver showcased here is from OR, a relatively new factory that emerged during the period when VS was temporarily closed. OR specializes in producing Seamaster replicas, and while initially, I had doubts about the popularity of Seamaster watches from OR, they have proven to be highly sought after. Notably, OR’s Seamaster replicas boast high quality at a more affordable price point compared to VS. However, the primary reason for their success may lie in the quicker turnaround time for orders, as acquiring a Seamaster from VS often entails a lengthy wait. Regarding this specific green ceramic Seamaster 300m Diver, it’s worth noting that OR is the sole manufacturer offering a high-end replica Omega watches of this model.

This Seamaster features a distinctive green ceramic bezel insert and dial, complemented by a stainless steel bracelet. However, if you prefer, you can easily switch to the included green rubber band. Typically, when purchasing the version with the stainless steel bracelet, OR factory provides a complimentary green rubber band. While the green Omega Seamaster offers a unique and eye-catching aesthetic, I believe many individuals may still gravitate towards the classic black model with the wavy dial. After all, green isn’t a conventional color choice for watches, and the allure of the traditional black variant remains strong.

Crafted from solid 316L stainless steel, the green Seamaster Diver watch boasts a substantial case measuring 42mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness. The impeccable finish of the case rivals that of the esteemed VS Seamaster. Nowadays, all high-end replica watch factories prioritize the quality of the case and bracelet finish, striving for a 1:1 replication. This attention to detail ensures that the case closely matches the profile and size of the genuine counterpart, with some factories even asserting that their cases can be interchanged with authentic watches. The green dial, also constructed from ceramic material, features hour markers outlined with thin silver frames to accommodate ample space for luminous coating. Additionally, both the skeleton hour hand and minute hand are treated with luminous coating, providing enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. The lume illumination on the dial can persist for hours in darkness, further enhancing the watch’s functionality and aesthetics.

Regarding the movement, the green Seamaster Diver utilizes a clone Omega 8800 movement meticulously crafted to replicate the genuine Omega 8800 Calibre. The auto rotor and movement plates feature identical decoration to their authentic counterparts. While I’ve often highlighted that the 8800 movement from the VS factory is the most authentic and superior clone in Seamaster watches, it’s worth noting that OR’s rendition also impresses. OR has invested significant time and resources into perfecting their clone 8800 movement, resulting in a movement that not only maintains accuracy but also ensures the case retains its correct thickness.

The Seamaster produced by OR factory boasts commendable quality, and in response to VS’s return to the market, OR has reduced the prices of their Seamaster models. This adjustment allows customers to purchase these timepieces and enjoy savings compared to previous pricing.

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