VS Factory Published New Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m with Green Dial

New models are emerging from the VS factory, featuring two replicas of the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m with a striking green dial—a captivating color for many. The replicas are available with two band options: one in stainless steel and the other in rubber. Notably, VS factory does not include the rubber band for free with the purchase of the stainless steel bracelet version. Additionally, they offer a pair of rubber straps at a relatively high price, so customers desiring both bands will incur an extra cost.

Due to the ongoing impact of the virus, there is a shortage of DHL flights, resulting in delays for packages already dispatched. Many packages shipped earlier are currently held in the Hong Kong DHL warehouse, awaiting pickup. Customers are advised to be patient as deliveries may take longer than usual.

The virus has significantly affected delivery times, particularly in the United Kingdom. Consequently, it is not recommended for customers from the UK to order watches from China at the moment. Fortunately, delivery times to some other countries, such as the United States, Italy, and France, have not been as severely impacted. While shipping times have increased, they remain quicker compared to shipping to the UK. Customers from the United States, Italy, France, and other European countries can proceed with their orders as usual.

It is regrettable that free DHL shipping cannot be provided anymore due to an increase in shipping fees imposed by the shipping company the seller usually deals with. The reason for this fee hike is unknown.

Regarding the original brand box, the ordered watch will not come with one by default. Customers interested in purchasing an original box for their watch will need to pay over 100 US Dollars, plus an additional DHL shipping fee. The seller advises against buying the box due to its weight, which results in high shipping fees. However, if customers insist on purchasing one, the seller guarantees the best box, complete with the correct booklet and card that match the watch.

Returning to the new model from the VS factory, its quality matches that of the previous Seamaster Aqua Terra replicas released by VS. VS factory’s Omega Seamaster replicas consistently boast the best quality in the market. While other factories, like OM, also produce Omega Seamaster replicas, they are not on par with VSF’s. The green-faced Seamaster immediately brings to mind Rolex’s Milgauss, though the seller personally prefers the black version. Photos of the black version are shared for those interested, and inquiries are welcome.

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